Silk Dental Floss

Silk Dental Floss


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Our Silk Floss is designed for people like you who want to leave a better earth for our next generations.
Our product comes with one glass bottle floss holder silk spool.
Our natural silk dental floss is made to easily glide between your teeth cleaning away everything stuck in between and reaching even the tightest of spaces without breaking. It is also suitable for people with sensitive gums!
A gift for your and the Earth! All natural silk floss is 100% biodegradable. Simply toss into the compost with peace of mind and doing your part in the world towards a zero waste environment.
The strong silk dental floss is naturally waxed with vegan wax and natural extract. The floss will easily glide between your teeth and great for sensitive gums.


Bottle Size :2.5x5.5cm
Length of Dental Flosser : 30 meters

Package Includes:

1x glass Bottle
1spool Dental Flosser

1x package

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