The Sippy Bottle

The Sippy Bottle


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The Lion & Lady Sippy bottles boast practical benefits whilst supporting the hormonal and endocrine development of little people. 

This is the Sippy Bottle as a complete unit, including the straw, bottle base and collar.  

Parents have specially designed every element of this bottle from scratch. The specially designed silicon spout will assist a baby to transition gently from the bottle, whilst still using muscle-set in the mouth that is familiar, and a bottle that is familiar to them also. 

You can also make their cup really their own by personalising with their name or nickname!  This can aide in name recognition and maybe even stop a fight or two. 

Made with 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel
The safety of stainless steel lies in its anti-bacterial properties. Unlike plastic, stainless steel stays strong and durable day afer day ! I will thrive under pressure, and won't shed microplastics into cup contents. 

Our bottles are 100% recyclable 
Producing these bottles has resulted in minimal toxic run off . Compared to plastic, the impact on the environment is minimal ! If you need to, the bottles are recyclable. 


Item Weight 136g
Package Dimensions 14.4 x 7 x 7 cm
Material Type  18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel, Food grade silicon spout and plastic lid
Material Free  Lead Free, BPA BPS & BPF Free
Care Instructions  Dishwasher Safe (base and silicon) handwash plastic
Safety Warning DO NOT Microwave; Caution with hot liquids
Uses Child Drink Bottle

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